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AY Trucking LLC is based in Davenport, Iowa serving all states in the USA. Our main goal is to ensure safe and timely shipments for our trusted partners. We have capability, experience in logistics industry and innovative solutions to achieve ours and our partners’ strategic goals. 

Our vision is to create a business environment that achieves operational excellence that meets and exceeds customer business expectations.


AY Trucking LLC is highly recommended when looking for a company who provides top notch service as well as great communication. They exceed expectations overall. They have dependable staff who are always looking to help and grow not only relationships but business as well. If your looks for a group of people to get the job done, then you’re looking in the right direction. JJ logistics goes above and beyond to meet expectations of their clients.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Echo Global Logistics

600 W. Chicago Ave. | Suite 725 | Chicago, IL 60654 O 800.354.7993 | D 224.251.6575 | C 224.656.4144

I am a Carrier Procurement Specialist with XPO Logistics. While working with AY Trucking LLC I have experienced industry leading service. They provide on-time services and with no issues. We have serviced hundreds of loads together and their team became our strategic partner. When capacity is tight he has always found a way to help service any difficult shipments. It is this level of service that helps develop and maintain relationships in the industry. AY Trucking LLC has a large network of trucks nation wide helping many companies with there logistics needs. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.


Samuel Hinze

XPO Logistics

429 Post Road Buchanan, MI 49107

I have been working with AY Trucking LLC for roughly 2 years. Throughout that time I have been provided with excellent, on-time service and great communication. I would strongly encourage anybody in the transportation and logistics world to reach out to them for their logistics needs. Communication and service are key in today’s industry!


Trent Sovde

C.H. Robinson

Fargo, North Dakota, United States

Can tell everyone has Logistics/Transportation tenure, based on the excellent communication they provide & overall understanding of the industry they have. Drivers are great with on time DEL’s and do an outstanding job of holding their side down. Never have to communicate with drivers myself even, as dispatchers or anyone here that works with the drivers daily, does an excellent job of providing any feedback from them, to us … allowing drivers to focus more on the ultimate task of, Driving!

Shane Ashby

SCHNEIDER Transportation Management

Dallas, Texas, United States

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Our vision is to create a business environment that achieves operational excellence that meets and exceeds customer business expectations.